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A price guarantee and commitment.


price guarantee

When you receive a quote from us - the price we quote is the price we charge, GUARANTEED.


We call it the Five-Cent Problem.

Here's how it works:

You need 250 of an item for an upcoming promotion. You find the item from another source and they are $2.25 each. You get a quote from us and it's $2.30 each. The price difference is $0.05 on each item (for 250 items), so your total difference is $12.50.

Here's the problem if you simply go with the lower quote:

- On the previous order we were $0.32 per item less expensive. Which still puts you ahead overall.
- The artwork is poorly printed and they refuse to re-print the item.
- The price is for a 5-7 day production but you need it in 3 days. Their price goes up for the rush but we are able to keep the price the same and deliver on time.
- The color is wrong.
- The item arrives and it's not the same quality, it's a knock off.

- Their shipping rates are inflated to cover the difference.
- The item is out of stock. It takes them 3 days to tell you. We let you know right away and offer an upgraded item, complimentary.
- When the order goes into production we find out that the manufacturer has a sale on the item - $0.10 per item off. We extend that sale to you. They pocket it.

While all of the examples above have actually happened to clients of ours we did want to point out that these situations actually help us to establish excellent relationships. Our clients know that at the end of the year they will have saved hundreds and even thousands of dollars and hours of frustration by not price shopping and experiencing the Five-Cent Problem.


Another one of AdVisibiliti's relationship rules is to never use the word cheap (unless you are referring to something that you don't want!).

Cost effective it okay. Inexpensive it okay. Budget friendly is okay.

But never ask for a "cheap item".

Anything that has your logo printed on it is a reflection on your image and will create a particular perception in a client or prospects mind. Cheap is not something you want to be associated with. 

We like to engage in price conversations with clients. Perhaps you are trying to stay within a certain budget, or you need to reach a large audience with a small budget? We can best help when we know your true needs.

are you relationship ready?

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