How we serve your business.

frustration free

Taking care of every detail for you.


on-time delivery

It's all about meeting deadlines.



A price guarantee and commitment.


three Golden rules of deadlines


Open and honest communication

The best way to avoid rush and overnight charges is to be very clear and honest about deadlines. By providing the actual date you need the item and also letting us know your preferred delivery date we can do the maneuvering, worrying and ground work for you! 


deadlines go both ways

We enjoying having fun and joking around but when we let you know we need an order confirmed, a decision made, art approved or information provided by a certain date - that is one thing we don't joke about.


Pay on-time

In order to make sure projects and timelines are met we have a strict policy about accounts being kept up to date. Luckily we offer terms, pre-pay accounts and even lay-away plans. Making it as easy as possible for you.

how series are we about deadlines?

Before you start to think we are perfect... we will confess that we have missed two deadlines in our 10-plus years. But we've also gone to some great lengths to avert others, including driving around and tracking down delivery drivers in the area, keeping drivers on text and speed dial, showing up to the airport in the middle of the night, firing manufactures and suppliers who can't keep their commitments to us and driving hours across state lines when even overnight shipping wasn't fast enough.


Don't worry, it's a five letter word.