How we serve your business.

frustration free

Taking care of every detail for you.


on-time delivery

It's all about meeting deadlines.



A price guarantee and commitment.


frustration free service

Because we have personally been there (frustrated!),
we are devoted to making sure you never experience it from us.


Keep your logo, fonts, corporate colors and other valuable information properly secured in our Logo Vault.

Never worry or think about it again.

You'll never have to supply the information again.

Art is magically created for each logo'd project based on your preferences.
If you ever need your logo in a particular format or in a specific size, just ask!

The Logo Vault is just one of our many extensive back-end, internal record keeping systems to make sure that if we did it for you... or we talked about it - it is never lost or forgotten! 


Over the years, when a client was in need of a logo'd item and it wasn't available, or the minimum quantity was more than they needed, we started to purchase our own equipment - in order to provide those items and smaller quantities. We always strive to say "Yes!"... and that means many more options for you for your promotional marketing projects.


Even though we have separate dedicated pages about our pricing and on-time delivery, we feel it's important to mention both of them again here.

Our price guarantee means no frustrating surprise charges.

 When you give us a date, we deliver.
(before your deadline, whenever possible!)


We are going to toot our own horn for just a minute... but also show you how the little extras that we give can have a huge impact on helping you do your job more effectively, efficiently and with less stress!

Imagine showing up to an event, having ordered t-shirts as your giveaway from "some other" company. You have an hour to set-up your booth. You have it all planned out and you'll have just enough time to get ready before the show starts. You set-up the banners, arrange your print material and get your video presentation up and running. Ten minutes left and all you need to do is open the boxes of t-shirts and put them on the table. But you open the first box of shirts and they are all jumbled together, having fallen in the box just as they came off the screen printers heating conveyor. Uh oh! You will never have enough time to fold them and sort them! FRUSTRATION!

At AdVisibiliti we fold our shirts, stack them and box them according to size - as a standard service.

Now imagine that you have a huge presentation in your office next week for a potential client... when you suddenly realize that you are out of pens, scratch pads, brochures and not enough business cards to get you through this weeks networking event and have enough left for the meeting. But you are so busy working on the presentation itself that you barely have enough time to think about anything else let alone track down a camera ready logo, figure out who to order everything from and get it delivered on-time and without paying an arm and a leg in rush charges! FRUSTRATION!

AdVisibiliti clients send one email (or make one phone call) and they don't worry about it again. (Not to mention they can also order half a dozen custom printed mugs that are printed with the key points of the presentation on them. Impressive!)

On-time delivery

Learn about our three golden rules for deadlines.