About AdVisibiliti

From the Desk of The Logo Handler

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tara Bodansky (a.k.a The Logo Handler). Like you, I am a business professional. I’ve been an event planner, sales and marketing director, VP and business owner. My mission is to be the your idea and solution headquarters. I want to help you promote, sell and mold your company to your ideal vision… and have fun along the way!

My company, AdVisibiliti Promotions, was formed in 2007 at the beginning of the last great recession. It was certainly an interesting time to start a business and could easily have been a short story. We survived, even flourished, because we are a marketing and promotions company. We know that a recession is the worst time to cut a marketing budget. Since our beginning we have grown every year and are now evolving and growing yet again in very exciting new ways.

Our story began as a typical promotional products (advertising specialties) company, specializing in printing company logos on items used in marketing programs. Unlike traditional promotional products companies we had (and still have) our own printing equipment. This allows us to remove the boundaries for clients of always having to purchase large quantities of items.

Because of our attention to detail and the coaching and guidance we provided our clients, I eventually became known as The Logo Handler. But don’t ask me to design a logo for you – I am far from a logo designer, I only handle them. Sayings like “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” and “perception is reality” are how I feel about a company’s logo usage and overall appearance. I believe it all translates to how they operate and cooperate internally. How much you respect, or disrespect, your logo says a lot about the healthiness of your business internally.

One of my clients was a emergency generator consultant and to better understand his business I used to attend a lot of disaster preparedness conferences with him. I’m a big planner (of anything and everything) and naturally “being prepared” for emergencies fit right into my happy zone plus as The Logo Handler I always take a very hands-on approach to helping clients. The one thing that frustrated me after the first couple of conferences was that it was the same info over and over and over. Worse yet, it was always “you SHOULD be doing this” but rarely was there anything about “HOW you should be doing this”. This made little sense to me since most of the people attending were already professional preparedness contractors or employees… obviously they knew what they needed to do, they were there to find real solutions.

Not long ago I came up with the CREEDS Formula. It was initially to help me in my own business but the CREEDS Categories were also all vital to my clients and their requests. Who wouldn’t want clarity, a great work environment, passion (about what you spend most of your life doing) and happy and loyal clients and employees? I made a vow that CREEDS would be a place for people that wanted those things and be full of ideas, but most importantly SOLUTIONS.

I look forward to providing you with ideas and solutions to help you promote your business and take it to the next level!


Tara Bodansky, The Logo Handler